Summer Community Gatherings

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Request for Clean- Up Buckets from Church World Service

Church World Service has sent us a special appeal to restock their on hand ready to go Emergency Clean-Up Buckets. The West Community will be working to make buckets at their June 9 gathering. The supplies for a bucket cost about $75. Churches are asked to make a monetary donation by May 24th to the Presbytery marked “Buckets”. Then we will use the money to purchase the necessary supplies in bulk for assembly by young people.  All churches of the presbytery are welcome to help the West Community reach its goal of making 65 or more buckets (this number represents one per West Community church).

If you have questions about this project of the West Community, please contact Laura Lupton. (Please do not donate the actual items as we need to ensure we have no leftover supplies.)

If your church wants to make buckets as part of Vacation Bible School or a group project for a class or youth group please visit cwskits.org/assemble-kits/emergency-cleanup-buckets/ for the list of ingredients.  There are drop off points in Raleigh, Chapel Hill and Kinston.

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