Officer Training

Serving Together: Officer Training is now available!
The East Community Steering Team is pleased to offer this online version of officer training for 2021 to the whole Presbytery since we are not able to do training in person.  The training packet (here) includes links that will take you directly to Presbytery’s YouTube channel where you will find a 5 video playlist covering several topics.  Church leaders can watch all in one sitting, or choose individual modules to view as schedules permit.  The packet also contains print resources that are helpful for new and returning officers, as well as “handouts” that coordinate with the Congregational Care and Spiritual Leaders modules.

This link will also take you to the training videos:  Presbytery’s Officer Training 2020 at https://www.youtube.com

2020 Statistical Reporting

Instructions for completing the online  2020 Statistical Reports were sent to Clerks of Session in mid-November.  These reports are due February 18, 2021.

In addition, links to other reports required by the Presbytery are listed below. Email to De Scott, dls67@presbycc.org, or mail to the Presbytery office.

These forms are due January 25, 2021.

Please read the OCTOBER UPDATED  (October 15, 2020) Coronavirus COVID19 Advisory from Mission Cabinet Executive Committee for October-November

Please note:

  • Presbytery Committee meetings will be held electronically or canceled.
  • Visitors to the Presbytery office will be restricted, please call before coming to the office.

Presbytery meeting Images

Warren Lesane & Jerrod Lowry officiate communion

Warren Lesane & Jerrod Lowry officiate communion





Delphia “Nicole” Newton
Delphia “Nicole” Newton, Preaching her candidating sermon