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New Groups Forming Church Transformation

Beverly and George Thompson

A growing number of congregations have voiced a desire for hands-on help instead of books or conferences when it comes for transformation.  The Revitalization committee (CCRT) has looked a number of models from parachurch organizations within and outside our denomination, but most of the help is limited and “one size fits all.”  The Revitalization committee was pleased to discover George & Beverly Thompson, whose expertise and pastoral abilities promise to offer committed churches of all sizes the chance to live into God’s amazing calling upon them.

Basketball coaches do not make the crucial 3 point shot at the end of the game, but they can coach their players how to think for themselves and make good decisions, working together as a team.  The Thompsons won’t give you a quick answer or offer “quick fixes” for your problems.  Instead, they teach congregations how to discern and follow God’s will for themselves.

Click here for more information about the process, or HERE to apply.  If you think that working with the Thompsons for two years is what your congregation needs, then what’s stopping you from applying?  Read our Questions/Answer and make sure you are not discounting your congregation!

Smaller congregations may be interested in working with the Thompsons through their HIDDEN EMBERS initiative.  These congregations with no more than 50 members on a Sunday will discover how God is working through them already and explore possibilities for the future.  Click here for more on Hidden Embers.

New groups are forming now for 2015.

To learn more, please have 3 or more people from your congregation attend one of these informational events:

  • Thursday, January 15th at Windermere Presbyterian at 6:30pm. (East- Nancy Gladden)
  • Sunday, January 18th in Elizabethtown 3 to 5PM (Central- Steuart Link)
  • Sunday, January 25th at Manly Presbyterian, Southern Pines 3 to 5PM (West- Laura Lupton)
  • Please RSVP to your Mission Coordinator or the Thompsons if you are coming!

Contact Rev. Evan Harrison or your regional mission coordinators with your questions / comments.