COM – General Information

The Commission on Ministry (COM) works with pastors, sessions and congregations to assist in forming good pastoral connections and healthy ministries. The COM is divided into three communities, each of which is responsible for the ministry in their area of the Presbytery.

Each Community COM meets on a different day.  Check the website calendar for the dates and times of the meetings. Contact the following persons to schedule time on their agenda.

If you are unsure what community applies to you please look up the church in the churches directory.  (Note: the color associated with each congregation tells you which community your congregation belongs to.)

Another way to get on the COM agenda is to contact the General Presbyter: Rev. Dr. Bill Reinhold at 910-862-8300, extension 3
or email at

Each COM meets monthly as needed. All COM forms can be found here.

We prefer that forms be scanned and emailed to the appropriate COM Chairperson (above) with a copy to the General Presbyter (  However, if necessary, forms can be faxed to 855-899-7210.

Terms of Call – Full Time Pastors

  • 2018 (adopted in October 2017)
  • 2019 (proposed)