PW Fall Gathering Highlights

The Fall Gathering of the Presbyterian Women Encourages Barium Springs Staff….

Fall Gathering -- Connecting with Friends
Fall Gathering — Connecting with Friends

The 26th Presbyterian Women Fall Gathering was held Saturday, August 16th at Graves Memorial Presbyterian Church in Clinton.  They celebrated as approximately 190 women were in attendance from all over the Presbytery showing the great diversity of our Presbytery.

They began with a Worship Service which included greetings from Rev. Bill Reinhold, General Presbyter/Stated Clerk for the Presbytery of Coastal Carolina, Rev. Stuart Link, Central Regional Mission Coordinator, Rev. Nancy Gladden, East Regional Mission Coordinator, Ellen Tew, PW Moderator-Graves Memorial Presbyterian Church and Special Music by Pam Langston and Vicki Pope.

2014 PW Fall Gathering 061
Rev. Thomas Makes the Point of Aiming to Please Jesus

Rev. Cassandra Thomas delivered a creative message on  “Aim to Please Jesus” from 2 Corinthians. Second Corinthians is the basis of the PW Horizons Study material for this year entitled,  Reconciling Paul:
A Contemporary Study of 2 Corinthians

An offering of cash and school supplies was collected for Barium Springs Home for Children.   The funds totaled $6,135 plus supplies that completely filled a Toyota Highlander SUV from the front seat to the back window.  The supplies focused on school supplies but also included residential supplies like sheets, paper towels, Baby wipes, toiletries, etc.  According to Lori Fees of Barium Springs the staff were deeply encouraged by the generosity of our PW group. Next year Barium Springs is looking at the daunting task of fund raising over $3 million as state funding is no longer available to them.

Ellen Newbold, PW Moderator, gave the Benediction and extinguished the Christ Candle.

Participants were attended a variety of workshops to equip them for excellent leadership in their local PW groups.

The  WORKSHOPS included….
  • Historian and Recording Secretary Class
  • PW Treasurers’ Class
  • PW Moderator Class
  • Peace and Justice Issues that PW addresses
  • Sewing for Mission Workshop
  • Bible Study Leaders class by Jaxie Jullian
Creative Leadership
Creative Leadership

Report by Linda Collier & Laura Lupton