Laura Lupton being installed

Lupton Installed as Synod Moderator

Our own Rev. Laura Lupton was installed as the Moderator of the Synod of the Mid-Atlantic at the stated meeting on September16, 2014. Like serving as Moderator of a Presbytery, this is a service to the larger church on top of her continuing roll as Mission Coordinator for the West Community of Presbytery. The term of the Moderator is for one year. The synod has 2 stated meetings a year when all the commissioners gather to conduct the business.

The synod has several committees that work year round to manage the funds of synod, receive grant applications, handle judicial matters, find volunteers  and much more.

Synod Installation of Lupton
Rev. Warren Lesane and Rev. Laura Lupton at Synod Meeting Installation

Lupton said, “I’m honored to serve the church as Moderator of the Synod. I can already tell it is a big chair to fill! It looks to be a year full of challenges as we seek to review Synod resources and purpose in light of the General Assembly’s call to reduce the number of Synods nationally.”

For 2014, Ed Boyce and George Wilson were the commissioners from Coastal Carolina to the Synod. At the October 2014 meeting we elected these persons to Synod work:

  • Synod Representation Committee: Ms. Catheren Warren;
  • Ruling Elder Commissioner: Mr. Franklin Arnold.
  • Rev. Ed Boyce continues for another year as a commissioner.
  • John Goodman who serves on PJC,
  • Matlynn Yeoman serves on Speer Fund
  • George Wilson serves on Jubilee Fund
  • D Askins who serves on Nominations
  • and Bill Reinhold helps occassionally.

Grant money for small churches and new churches is available but all application requirements must be met by the deadline.  Please go to to learn more

Detailed News of the Synod’s Work is found in these summaries:

 Future Synod Assembly Meeting Dates include:
o   235th Assembly March 16-17, 2015 in Richmond VA.
o   236th Assembly September 14-15, 2015 in Richmond VA.
o   237th Assembly March 14-15, 2016 in Richmond VA.

Contact the Synod of the Mid-Atlantic:

Located at
Ginter Park Presbyterian Church
3601 Seminary Avenue
Richmond, VA 23227
Phone: 804-342-0016
FAX: 804-355-4884

Rev. Warren Lesane, Synod Executive & Stated Clerk

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