Youth Events 2014-2015

Our youth council chose the theme “The Kingdom” for the coming year. In previous years our events have been inspired by a number of cultural influences. We have been inspired to find what God can say to us through a variety of works. Some of your older youth might remember events based on everything from The Wizard of Oz to Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

Along with being inspired by scripture, our youth events this year will draw from Disney movies. Our youth council is excited to explore the theological side of such movies as Sky High, Wall-E, and of course, Frozen. If you have met me, you know that in addition to being a big fan of God, I am fond of Disney movies. I can honestly say this theme came straight from our young people with no influence from me!

We look forward to learning and growing together this year! If you have any questions, please contact me (Amy Hodges) at or on my mobile phone 910-520-7934.

Flyer for Youth Events 2014 2015
Flyer for Youth Events 2014 2015


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