Statistical Reporting

Annual Statistical Reports for 2015

Instructions and forms for completing the 2015 Statistical Report were mailed to churches in December.  We have gathered the same information here in case the packet sent to your church has gone astray or if you would rather fill out the forms electronically.

You will find below instructions for completing Annual Statistical Reports in both English and Spanish. The instructions will take you through the online process step by step.

In addition you will find links to fill-in-able versions of the forms that were in the packet. These can be completed online and returned to the Presbytery Office by mail or email ( by the end of January.

Instructions (for Annual GA Statistical Reports)  Must be finished by Feb 17.

When you are ready with all data for your church, go online using the pass codes provided at the top of the letter that was sent to your clerk and enter information. This process can be stopped and started as often as necessary as the system saves your progress automatically. If the ‘submit’ button is clicked accidentally before your are finished, call the Presbytery Office to have it reset.

Other Forms (for Presbytery) Due in January

Thank you for completing these forms and the annual statistical report  in a timely manner. This data is very helpful to the Presbytery in our mission and ministry together in this region.

Presbytery forms in packet:
Officer Information and Terms of Call, the elder necrology and minister or CRE continuing education forms are all here.

Important Deadlines & Dates:
  •  January 29, 2016  
    Presbytery forms, Necrology, Continuing Education, Minister Compensation, Ruling    Elder information and Data Verification
    are all due to the Presbytery Office
  • February 17, 2016   
    Last day for churches to enter data on GA website
  •  February 26, 2016
    Last day for PCC office to make changes to ‘Submitted Reports’

Thank you for your assistance in submitting accurate information in a timely way.  Please note again to submit your statistical report electronically as early as possible but no later than FEBRUARY 17, 2016.  

If we can assist in responding to questions, contact De Scott (x200)or Jan Krause (x202) at the Presbytery Office at 910-862-8300.  Your Mission Coordinators, Laura Lupton (910-818-9938), Nancy Gladden (910-285-2808) or Steuart Link (910-874-3600) are also available to assist with reporting information.