Feedback from Questionnaire at June 2015 Presbytery Mtg

The Strategic Planning and Organizational Review Committee (SPOR) collected responses from commissioners to the June 11th meeting of the Presbytery concerning our life together as a Presbytery:

  1. Replies about How reports are made at a Presbytery meeting
  2. Replies about How to examine and receive ministers and candidates into the Presbytery
  3. Graph showing What should happen at a Presbytery meeting and how much time should be allocated to each part
  4. Replies about How often to hold Presbytery meetings

These questions arose out of the learnings from the numerous conversations held with representatives of over 100 congregations across the Presbytery last year. What SPOR learned from those conversations is that people want

  • ways to deal with our large geographical size,
  • opportunities to form closer relationships with fellow Presbyterians, and
  • creative ways to do mission together.

The questions they asked at the June Presbytery meeting were designed to test some conclusions that SPOR has been reaching and to guide the development of alternative ways to do the business of Presbytery while strengthening our relationships and ability to do mission together.

The questionnaire that was used can be found by clicking here. The data gathered from the questions can be found above by clicking on each of the topics (1-5) above.

A number of good suggestions and questions were noted on the Questionnaire forms. You can read them by clicking here.

SPOR is grateful to all of the commissioners that took the time to share their responses with them.

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