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Safe Church Policies

With the adoption of the amendment to G-3.0101 of the Book of Order, every congregation is now required to have (in addition to or as part of its Sexual Misconduct Policy) a Child Protection Policy. These policies are sometimes referred to as Safe Church Policies. To assist sessions in the creation or adoption of Safe Church Policies, you will find below guides to creating your own policy and sample policies that you can adapt to fit your situation.

Your first step in creating such a policy should be to contact your liability insurance agent. Several insurance companies have guides on line for your use. We have gathered some of them below.

Some Resources For Child Protection Policies

Helpful Websites
  1. Church Mutual
  2. Guide One
  3. Insurance Board (UCC, PC(USA), Disciples)
  4. Christian Reformed Church
  5. Sunnyvale Presbyterian Church
Sexual Misconduct Policies
  1. Presbytery of Baltimore
  2. Presbytery of Coastal Carolina
  3. Presbytery of Greater Atlanta
  4. Los Ranchos Presbytery
  5. National Capital Presbytery
  6. New Hope Presbytery
Safe Church Policies
  1. First Church Hickory
  2. Sunnyvale – Children
  3. Sunnyvale – Youth
  4. National Capital 1
  5. National Capital 2
  6. Second Richmond VA
  7. Montreat NC
  8. Mission Presbytery
  9. Presbyterian Church Advocacy Network

The Presbytery is now using www.SafeGatherings.com to train people in proper conduct with children, youth and vulnerable adults. This service includes running background checks, a learning course, reference check and an exam on the course material.

The Sessional Records Committee of Presbytery will begin to check which sessions have completed a Child Protection Policy when they review books later this year and next year.

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