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Separation Policy Suggested Revisions

Background on Policy Revision & Input Request

The June 11, 2015, meeting of the Presbytery of Coastal Carolina approved a revision of its previous Separation Policy which had become unusable due to recent decisions of the PC(USA) Permanent Judicial Commission (PJC) rulings called “Tom” and “McGee.” At the same time, the Presbytery invited members and sessions to comment on the new policy and ordered the Mission Cabinet to report on these comments to the October 10, 2015, meeting of the Presbytery.

A notice was sent to all clerks of session and all minister members of the Presbytery asking for comments on the Separation Policy.

Comments Received

The following comments were received and carefully considered by the revision team as it prepared a report for the Mission Cabinet:

In addition to these comments from individuals and sessions it is important to recognize that there are constitutional provisions that must be honored in any Separation or Dismissal Policy. The following documents point to some of these concerns and were taken into account by the revision team in making its report to the Mission Cabinet.

Proposed Revision

A Working Group agreed to propose to the Mission Cabinet the a revised version of the policy for adoption by the Presbytery at its October stated meeting. The working group was made up of Glen Hallead, Clarence Page, Paul Shields, Chris Denny, Ann Jahnes, and Kathryn Dudley.

After reviewing comments sent to the Presbytery following the June 11, 2015, Presbytery meeting and consulting actions of the General Assembly and the General Assembly Permanent Judicial Commission (PJC) they made a number of proposed changes to the Separation Policy. This document was then reviewed by the Mission Cabinet which made a couple of additional clarifications and now presents it to the Presbytery for action on October 10, 2015.

New Proposed Separation Policy

A comparison of the two policies (the one adopted in June and this revision can be found here.

Final Policy as approved by Presbytery on Oct 10, 2015:

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