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Prepare to be a Commissioned Ruling Elder (CRE)

The Elder Ministries Committee of the Presbytery is pleased to announce a new program of training for persons interested in preparing to help local congregations as Ruling Elders Commissioned to Pastoral Ministry (CREs).

The same program can be taken by any member of the Presbytery for their own personal enrichment.

Beginning in September, 2016, Union Presbyterian Seminary will offer a two-year program designed to prepare students to be commissioned to pastoral ministry by their presbyteries. The four first year’s courses will all be entirely online. A streaming video lesson will be offered each Tuesday evening from 7 – 9 pm for 5 weeks. Students will also spend 2 hours per week in peer interaction online and 2 hours per seek in reading and preparation for a total of 30 hours per 5 week course. Click here to read more about the program.

The presbytery will appoint mentors to work alongside the students during each course.

In the second year each of the five courses will be online and will have a total of 18 hours of presentations, peer participation and reading and preparation. In addition there will be a total of 12 hours in face-to-face sessions. These session can either be at Union’s campus in Richmond and/or Charlotte or in the student’s presbytery guided by mentors who will partner with the Seminary to conduct the face to face meetings. Time and place for these gatherings will depend on where students are located.

Tuition for all the classes is $100 per course plus books, supplies, and travel and meals (when necessary).

The courses in the first year are:

  1. Biblical Interpretation with some Bible content, but primarily focused on how to interpret the Bible
  2. Reformed Theology and History
  3. Christian Life – worship, spiritual practices, ethics
  4. The Mission of the church – evangelism and mission

While completing the first year students interested in continuing in the program as candidates for commissioning to pastoral ministry would need to complete a psychological evaluation, get session endorsement, and meet with the Elder Ministries Committee of the Commission on Ministry of this Presbytery. Those who are taking the course for their own personal edification can take either the second year courses (Track A) or a more general program (Track B).

The second year courses are: (Track A for Commissioning)

  1. Preaching the Bible
  2. Teaching the Bible
  3. Pastoral Care – care of persons
  4. Administration – care of systems: leadership, polity, stewardship, redevelopment
  5. Worship and Sacraments

For those interested in a more general program, alternative courses may be offered as electives  for Track B.

Union Presbyterian Seminary will also develop some continuing education courses each year for those who complete this initial process.

If you are interested in this program please contact Bill Reinhold at BillReinhold@presbycc.org or call 910-862-8300.

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