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Presbyterian Youth Triennium 2016

Presbyterian Youth Triennium 2016
GO! Presbyterian Youth Triennium 2016
We are thrilled to announce the opening of registration for the 2016 Presbyterian Youth Triennium. We are registering a bit late because we were not sure we would be able to financially afford this trip. However, many of our young people continue to point to experiences like this, and Triennium specifically, as crucial moments in their faith development.

So we are a “GO” for Triennium.

If you haven’t guessed, the theme for this year’s Triennium is Go (into the world and make disciples). We will be taking a delegation of approximately 40 youth and adults to West Lafayette, Indiana to join 6,000 other youth and adults to explore this theme and worship God.
Triennium is July 19 -23,  2016 plus travel days!
Please use the Registration Packet to register young people.

Learn more about Triennium at

 If you are an adult and wish to attend Triennium, please contact me, Amy Hodges, at or 910-520-7934.  Please also contact me with any questions or comments!

Presbyterian Youth Triennium