Hurricane Matthew Update & Invitation

The Blessing of Presbyterian Disaster Assistance in our Presbytery…

Because of your generosity to PDA and the One Great Hour of Sharing, both the Long Term Recovery Committee of Fayetteville and of Lumberton have each been able to employ Executive Directors to manage and guide this unprecedented long term recovery process in these communities. $120,000 in the form of two grants has funded these positions. Now under the leadership of these new directors, these communities can move more smoothly to welcome volunteers, raise needed funding, properly report on the use of funds, coordinate the communication of the many agencies and churches aiding in disaster recovery.

PDA Logo     In addition to funding these two positions, PDA has worked with Highland Presbyterian Church to enable them to host work groups. Arriving groups will be able to serve in both Fayetteville and Lumberton as needed.

When people call the PDA National Call Center, PDA ensures that  the group’s skills and dates are in alignment with local rebuilding projects and opportunities. Highland Church will welcome partner churches to assist in welcoming hospitality for these arriving groups. Contact Rev. Bobby Newman to learn more about assisting with hospitality for incoming groups.

Groups are being scheduled now.

— Laura Lupton & Clarence Page

Robeson County Since Hurricane Matthew

The storm lingered for about 20 hours, leaving behind over 18 inches of rain. When Hurricane Matthew finally left the area, October 8-9, 2016, it left an incredible amount of damage and devastation in Robeson County, particularly Lumberton.  The continuous rain caused the Lumber

River to overflow and many homes, churches, and businesses, including two schools and the district office flooded.  The electrical power went out for several days, and the city water had to be turned off as it too was contaminated.  Many people left their homes feeling shocked, afraid, and very discouraged, and were placed in temporary shelters.

From that unexpected natural disaster, Robeson County Disaster Recovery Committee was organized.

Robeson County Disaster Recovery Committee has been actively involved in providing support to families in getting them back in their homes or in a place where they can call home.  The Committee has employed a full time executive director, Cassandra Campbell, and four case managers to work closely with families.  If you would like to know how you can help or make a donation, please see the information below:

  1. Keep the families and volunteers in prayer.
  2. Send skilled work teams (carpentry, plumbing, general helper, etc.)
  3. Adopt a family by assisting with unmet needs.
  4. Adopt a house by supplying building materials.
  5. Make a donation payable to:
    Robeson County United Way.
    Reference to: Robeson County Disaster Recovery Committee,
    ATTN: Chairman of RCDCC,
    2512-A Fayetteville,
    Lumberton, NC 28358.
  6. To learn more please come to any of the weekly meetings, held each Tuesday.

— Clarence Page

Fayetteville since Hurricane Matthew

Six families remain in hotels now, 9 months after the hurricane.

        Can you imagine living in a hotel for 9 months?

Likely having no real kitchen to speak of, no refrigerator, no stove, no individual bedrooms, one bathroom for everyone, no room for books or toys, no privacy…. further away from your place of employment or your school…  This kind of living is stressful, expensive, challenging, disruptive.   In Lumberton the number of families still in hotels is much higher. This is why the rebuilding-recovery work remains urgent.

       In addition to people in hotels many people are in temporary housing – rentals, trailers, living with extended family, etc. while homes and businesses are rebuilt.

Paying both rent in temporary shelter while also paying a mortgage on a home you cannot use is a financial nightmare for so many survivors.

The Long Term Recovery work provides not only mental health support for these stressful realities, it also provides case management to assist people in navigating the various sources of help needed to live in these challenging times.  Our Long Term Recovery Groups speak with and on behalf of survivors to raise money and volunteers to get our neighbors back on their feet.

  • We leverage grants,
  • we appeal to business,
  • we seek volunteers,
  • we raise awareness,
  • we care, we help,
  • we offer light in darkness. 
This rebuilding can only be truly done with your help.

Urgently NEEDED in Fayetteville:

  • Dressers (in like new condition)
  • The Fayetteville CDRC needs an accountant to review the books and bring the accounting policies up to date.
  • The Fayetteville CDRC needs the participation of community members to be on committees (this is not construction work!)
  • The CDRC meets every other Tuesday at 5:30PM. Visitors are welcome.
  • The Fayetteville UMCOR (United Methodist Group) is seeking funding ($40,000) to employ a construction manager or a volunteer construction manager. Job sites are waiting now. Also needed is a heavy duty construction level pick-up truck or $20,000 to secure one.

— Laura Lupton

To Schedule Lodging & Work Assignments

  • for an overnight group willing to work in Fayetteville or Lumberton, please contact Eden Roberts who is the Mission Specialist II for Hosting and Volunteer Management of Presbyterian Disaster Assistance at the National Call Center  1.866.732.6121 (toll-free) or
  • for working in Lumberton, Contact Camp Monroe in Laurel Hill who can also hosts groups after the summer camping season ends Aug 4, 910-276-1654. (The Monroe staff does not arrange work sites.)
  • To volunteer but not stay overnight, just contact CDRC or RCDRC  as listed below.

To learn about donations needed for long term disaster recovery work:

For  Fayetteville,
For Lumberton

Money is always needed both for
rebuilding supplies, materials and
overhead coordination expenses.

Give to either Long term Recovery Group or to the Presbytery Of Coastal Carolina

Thank you for Caring, Praying and Helping!

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