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Tested, effective resources  for any pastor and any congregation. Offering one day seminars, ongoing training for pastors, guidance to sessions and support for leaders.

Some comments from pastors who have participated in coaching:

        “Wish I had known this sooner. . .”

             Relevant              Needed            Timely         Encouraging

           Helpful         Thoughtful            Emotionally  Supportive               

         Spiritual Strategic Planning              Academically Stimulating

           Challenging              Affirming                  Stretching

        Insightful                  “The Missing Piece … “

Presbytery of Coastal “Vibrant Congregations” Coaches

Beverly and George bring a unique set of experiences and skills to their ministry as coaches.

  • Beverly is a third-career pastor, a native of Atlanta, who served congregations in Atlanta and northeast Georgia and taught leadership and ministry practice in Atlanta.  She holds a D.Min. degree in spirituality from Columbia Theological Seminary.
  • George has served several congregations across the country and for 14 years was Professor of Leadership and Ministry Practice at the Interdenominational Theological Center in Atlanta.  He holds doctorates in spirituality, biblical interpretation, and theology and the human sciences.
Beverly and George Thompson
Beverly and George Thompson share ways for congregations to connect with their work on vibrant congregations.

The Thompsons were field consultants with the Alban Institute and have published several books, the most recent being Grace for the Journey:  Practices and Possibilities for In-Between Times (2011) and Ready to Lead:  Harnessing the Energy in You and Around You (2015).  They now are engaged in this ministry as the full time coaches for Coastal Carolina Presbytery.

Learn more at the Thompson’s  website or contact them directly

For more information, call 404/731-3281 or email

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