Rev. Evan Harrision

Sacred Stories

Are only high budgets sacred? Are only high attendance congregations holy? What areĀ  sacred stories in our Presbytery?

Sacred Stories is an endeavor to share with each other what is sacred: the surprising moments and delightful outcomes where God is active in our congregations—regardless of their size! There are simply too many stories of exciting things congregations have been inspired by God to do that can be shared during presbytery meetings or even pastor luncheons.

That’s why this Presbytery has taken time to put together videos and audio recordings of stories from over 18 congregations throughout our presbytery so you can rejoice at what God is doing in our midst!

With your help we can add stories from your congregation in the future. Audio/podcasts are perfect for drives or while doing chores at home. Videos are great if you’re near a computer device at home or work. You can help share the good news by watching them and sharing them throughout your congregation at fellowship meals, worship, bible studies, small groups or through email and facebook.

Simply CLICK HERE to reach the current collection of sacred stories that bear witness to the movement of the Spirit in congregations throughout Coastal Carolina Presbytery.

Questions or comments about this endeavor, please contact Rev. Evan Harrison at .

CLICK HERE for Sacred Stories

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