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Become a QRE or CRE!

Through an online program at Union Presbyterian Seminary elders can become “Qualified Ruling Elders (QRE)” eligible to preach and officiate the sacraments in our congregations. QREs are also eligible to serve in churches as pastor, a role called  “Commissioned Ruling Elder (CRE).”  A CRE performs all the functions of a pastor – leading worship, providing pastoral care, moderating session, officiating communion,baptizing children and adults, leading weddings and funerals, and more.

Is God calling you to prepare to lead a congregation?

If you, or someone you know, is interested in learning more about QRE/CRE opportunities and exploring a sense of call to serve the presbytery in this way, Presbytery staff would love to speak with you.  Meanwhile interested persons can look at the Pathways Program offered by Union Presbyterian Seminary and read the documents linked below.

PATHWAYS ONLINE COURSES at Union Presbyterian Seminary

What is Elder Ministries?  (QRE/CREs)

In the Presbytery we have a committee that oversees the QRE/CRE program called the “Elder Ministries” committee.  this committee works with interested persons to help them complete the training and organizes ongoing training opportunities in the Presbytery.

Learn more about the steps involved to become a QRE/CRE :

You can learn more about the CRE Elder Ministries program by clicking here.  The current chair is  Becky Raynor who can be reached at brayn1808@gmail.com