Session Records Annual Review

Annual Review of Session Minutes 2022


The Book of Order requires the Presbytery to review every church’s records to be sure that all is in order.

Officially the Book of Order urges that at least once a year every governing body above a session shall review the records of the proceedings of the next lower governing body. If any lower governing body shall fail to send up its records for this purpose, the higher governing body shall order them to be produced as a specified time.

In reviewing the proceedings of a lower governing body, the higher governing body shall determine, either from the records of those proceedings or from any other information as may come to its attention, whether:
(1) The proceedings have been correctly recorded;
(2) The proceedings have been regular and in accordance with the Constitution.
(3) The proceedings have been prudent and equitable;
(4) The proceedings have been faithful to the mission of the whole church;
(5) The lawful injunctions of a higher governing body have been obeyed.

When is the Review?

The Community’s committee on  Sessional Records will conduct these reviews at various times and places or by appointment when requested.  Church records should be reviewed once a year. Simply bring the minute book with the completed form to a review session in your community.

What Form?

Please complete the checklist and bring it with your minute book. Please complete a form for each year being reviewed.

  1. Session Minutes Records Checklist (2019-2020-2021) (WORD-RTF) — Print it in LANDSCAPE to fill the page.
  2. PDF Version of the Check sheet (Adobe) – Print in Landscape to have large print.
Who to Contact?

Contact the  Mission Coordinator for your Community for the schedule of when records will be reviewed in your area.