Special Events by Churches

In-gathering ~ Homecoming ~ Plate Sale ~ Bazaar ~  Fund Raiser
Car Wash ~ Craft Sale ~ Auction ~ Springfest ~ Bake Sale ~
Anniversary ~ Lecture Series ~ Mission Fair ~ Harvest Sale

Whatever you call it please get it added here!
To add Your Events to this list go to presbycc.org/2015/add-event/

Here is what is happening around the Presbytery:

To add a listing please complete the form at
  • Please do NOT submit regular or ongoing events like a sermon series or Wednesday night suppers. This listing is for annual occasions (one or two day events) in the life of the member congregations and in presbytery affiliated agencies. If we included ongoing events this list would be way too long to be helpful!
  • This listing is for Presbyterian Events and our Mission Partner Agencies
  • NOTE: This is not a listing of Presbytery events, those are listed elsewhere on this site, like the calendar page.
  • Presbytery Staff do NOT plan or coordinate the events listed here; this listing is a service to our member churches.
To correct an error in this listing please contact LauraLupton@presbycc.org

5 thoughts on “Special Events by Churches”

  1. Thanks for posting your event. Your event is now showing. It is true that from time-to-time we have to manually purge past events, thanks for the reminder. Everything should be current now. We are glad to see churches posting their events here.

  2. Hey Laura,
    I put my info in but it’s not coming up. Also, I think this needs to be purged a bit. Thanks.

  3. Jane,
    Thank you for that question.
    To print this page you will need to use the print function of your web browser (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox or Safari).

    In some browsers the print option is in a menu that looks like a gear or found in what I call a “Hamburger” Menu (three stacked lines) or found on a menu called “File” Or Sometimes if you use the right click of your mouse (the “right click menu”) you see the print option there. When you get the print option please be sure the Portrait orientation is selected.

    Unfortunately this will not print the entire listing of events but you should see most of them.

    Please let us know if works for you. — LL

  4. Why can’t the Events Happening in Churches list be printed?
    I would like to print this for our bulletin board, but cannot. If I’m
    just missing something, please let me know. Thanks.

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