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Communicating With Presbytery of Coastal Carolina

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Presbytery uses a bulk email announcements and news system, there is no charge. ANYONE in the presbytery can sign-up for the email news. From 4 to 6 messages are sent each month. Sign-up at

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The Connections Newsletter is published quarterly and mailed to churches that do not have computer access. It is also posted to the Presbytery website.New editions are announced through email.


Many resources & ideas. Calendar of Events. News. Grants. Scholarships.

Helpful Hints about the new website:

  • Use the search box to find things quickly
  • At the top right the Menus – note that all items are clickable including the first one.
  • Comments-Discussion is active on some article on the website (look at the end of an item)
  • EVERY Church has a listing on our site under “Contact Us – Churches” Is yours accurate?
  • If you enjoy something on the site, try sharing it to social media by clicking the “share” buttons.
  • The Presbytery directory is online on the FORMS page. It is an Adobe-PDF download. The passcode to open it is pcclisting. The passcode prevents google from indexing the contents of that file, improving privacy.

Presbytery on Social Media

The Presbytery posts information and invites dialogue through these outlets:

Staff Available by Phone – Email

Most Importantly Get Involved!

5 thoughts on “Communicating With Presbytery”

  1. Thanks for asking, Aaron. Please go to
    It is found by clicking on the words “Contact Us” on the main top menu bar.
    This is really our contact info and position titles. If you want more information, let any one of us know. And I have updated this page to have that direct link above.

  2. I can’t find a complete list of who the Presbytery staff are and what they do. Can you point me to it?

  3. I am trying to find some ancestor’s records from Immanuel Church in Wilmington. I understand it closed in the 1970s, and the records I’m looking for would be from around 1900. I contacted the folks at Windermere Presbyterian, and they don’t have them. Do these records still exist, and who has them? Who would be the point of contact for these records?

    Thank you,
    Joan Murray

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