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Separation Policy Suggested Revisions

Background on Policy Revision & Input Request The June 11, 2015, meeting of the Presbytery of Coastal Carolina approved a revision of its previous Separation Policy which had become unusable due to recent decisions of the PC(USA) Permanent Judicial Commission (PJC) rulings called “Tom” and “McGee.” At the same time, the Presbytery invited members and … Continue reading Separation Policy Suggested Revisions

Light Out of Darkness by Bill Reinhold

Light Out of Darkness The theme of light runs through the whole Bible like a shining thread that is sometimes dimmed and or even covered up, but never completely put out. From the dawn of creation (Genesis 1:3) to the New Jerusalem lit by the Lord God (Revelation 22:5) we are reminded that while God … Continue reading Light Out of Darkness by Bill Reinhold