Bulletin Inserts

Presbytery occasionally creates bulletin inserts for congregations to share easily the things happening around the Presbytery. We hope each of these will appear in your church bulletin at least one of the suggested dates.  These inserts are time sensitive.

Presbytery Meeting summaries are found here:

TOP 10  Reasons to insert these into your bulletin:

10. Because summer is a slow time and you have the room in the bulletin.
9.  Because Kaye Bledsoe wants to be more famous.
8.  Because you are encouraging folks to grow in faith and in leadership.
7. Because they show some of the great things we do better together as 188 congregations.
6. Because we are a connected church.
5. Because after reading it people might ask, “What is a Presbytery?”
4. To stop people from saying “We don’t know what is going on in the Presbytery!”
3. To let your people see the opportunities they make possible by supporting Presbytery.
2. Because you didn’t have to do any work to make this good looking insert!

and the number ONE reason to insert these into you bulletin is

1. Because we asked nicely!     😉
Thank you!
~Your Presbytery Staff