Welcoming New Pastors

The Commission on Ministry has welcomed the following pastors to our Presbytery in recent months. We are delighted to have them join us in ministry. Their faith statements and biographical sketches can be found by clicking on their names.

Please warmly welcome them as colleagues in our Presbytery.

May, 2017
 Martha C. Highsmith
Photo Martha Highsmith
Rev. Martha Highsmith
March, 2017
Robert Thomas Newman
  • Candidate Under Care of Saint Andrew Presbytery
  • To Highland Church
  • Associate Pastor
  • Faith Statement
  • Biographical Sketch
  • Answers to Ordination Questions
    (COM is now asking pastors and candidates to choose two of our ordination question and write briefly about them)
  • Examined by Presbytery for ordination on March 25, 2017
  • Ordained and Installed on April 30, 2017
January, 2017
Patrick James (PJ) Southam
November, 2016
Margaret (Meg) Lindsay Dudley
  • From St Andrew Presbytery
  • To Bluff Church
  • As Installed Pastor
  • Statement of Faith
  • See Photo with Howard Dudley below
August, 2016
Jonathan West
Jonathan West - Associate Pastor at First Fayetteville
Jonathan West – Associate Pastor at First Fayetteville
June-July, 2016
Shane Owens
Howard Dudley
Rev.s Meg & Howard Dudley
April, 2016
Edward Bellis
Eddie Bellis, Interim Pastor at Red Springs
Eddie Bellis, Interim Pastor at Red Springs
Jonathan Bowling jonathan-bowling-photo
December, 2015
Miguel Aragon

Miguel Aragon

  • From Orange County Southern Baptist Convention
  • As evangelist with Sanford Area Presbyterian Hispanic Mission
  • Faith Statement and Faith Journey 
  • Received by Full COM & at Dec 2015 PCC Mtg
Thom Burleson
  • Member of Salem Presbytery

    Rev. Dr. Thom Burleson
    Thom Burleson, Interim Pastor
  • Serving as Interim at Highland Church, Fayetteville
  • Faith Statement and Biographical Sketch
  • Allowed to labor in bounds as Interim by Central COM
Robert Bardeen
Robert Bardeen
Robert Bardeen
November 2015 & Earlier
Robert Bayley
Robert Bayley
Robert Bayley
Jake Young
Jake Young
Jake Young
John C. Hage
John Christian Hage
John Christian Hage
Michael W. Garrett
Michael Garrett photo
Michael Garrett photo
Marie Cone
Marie Cone
Marie Cone Photo
Marie Cone Photo



John R. Pflug, Jr.

John Plug Photo
John Plug Photo