Missional Communities Steering Teams

Each of the three Missional Communities (East, Central, and West) elect a Steering Team to guide their Community in fulfilling its critical core functions and its particular missional foci. In 2016 the following persons were elected to the three Steering Teams:


Class of 2017
TE Matt Henderson  (First, Morehead City)
TE Ann Jahnes (Southport)
RE Curt Simpson (Wallace)

Class of 2018
TE Hank Bellomy (Beulaville)
RE Pat Davis (Burgaw)
TE Robb Lapp (St. Andrews-Covenant)
RE Matlynn Yeoman (Chestnut)
TE Bill Young (Sneads Ferry)

Staff: Nancy Gladden NancyGladden@presbycc.org


Class 2017
Bonnie Barr, RE, Graves Memorial, Sampson
Stan Mertz, RE, Graves Memorial, Sampson
CHAIR: Cassandra (Sandy) Thomas, TE, College Heights, Cumberland

Class 2018
Fred McMillan, RE, Bethany-Lumberton, Robeson
Joyce Peay, RE, Mount Pelier, Robeson
Rogers Randall, TE, Reilly Road, Cumberland

Class 2019
Eddie Bellis, TE, Red Springs, Robeson
Bebe Briggs, CRES, Rex, Robeson
Becky Raynor, CRES, Acme, Bladen and Columbus,

Staff: Clarence Page ClarencePage@presbycc.org

West Community Steering Team:

  1. TE Elizabeth Forester (Moore)          Class of 2018
  2. RE Gary Brower (Harnett)                   Class  of 2018
  3. RE Naomi Newton (Scotland)            Class of 2018
  4. RE Willie McCaskill (Hoke)                 Class of 2017
  5. TE Jason Hammersley (Harnett)     Class of 2017
  6. TE Ron Stoker (Lee)                                 Class of 2018
  7. RE John Baker (Moore/Scotland)       In Nomination for Class of 2017

TE Bruce Lax (Moore),  West Facilitator,  Ex Officio With Vote (2017)
RE Edna Loftus   (Scot) West Vice-Facilitator   Ex Officio With Vote (2018)
RE Gracie Williams (Lee) Recording Clerk,  Ex Officio Without Vote (no term)
TE Laura Lupton, Staff, Ex Officio Without Vote