Make-Up of the Mission Cabinet

6.02     Membership of the Mission Cabinet

The Presbytery Mission Cabinet shall be elected by the Presbytery and the three Missional Communities with membership to be made up as described below. Terms of service shall be 3 years, except that members may be elected to shorter terms in order to establish classes or to fill unexpired terms.

The following persons serve as voting members of the Mission Cabinet:

  • (1-2)  Chair and Vice-Chair of Mission Cabinet – elected by Presbytery
  • (3-11) Three representatives from each Missional Community (9 people)
  • (12-13) Moderator and Vice-Moderator of Presbytery – elected by Presbytery

The following persons serve as ex officio members of the Mission Cabinet with voice but without vote:

  • General Presbyter/Stated Clerk
  • Presbytery Treasurer
  • Mission Coordinators (3)

The Board of Directors of the Presbytery shall form the Executive Committee of the Mission Cabinet. (See Section 1.02 below.) The Executive Committee shall have the authority to act in emergency situations within the authority of the Mission Cabinet when such action cannot wait for the next meeting of the full Mission Cabinet. Any such action taken shall be reported to the next meeting of the Presbytery Mission Cabinet.

1.02     Incorporation

The Presbytery is incorporated as a non-profit corporation under the laws of the State of North Carolina and with corporate name “The Presbytery of Coastal Carolina, Inc.” and for purposes defined in the Book of Order, F-1.0304. The Board of Directors of the corporation shall consist of the Chair of the Mission Cabinet, one representative of each Missional Community (selected by the Mission Cabinet), the General Presbyter/Stated Clerk of Presbytery and Treasurer of the Presbytery. The Chair of the Cabinet shall serve as Chair of the Board of Directors; the General Presbyter/Stated Clerk shall serve as the Secretary of the Board of Directors; the Treasurer of the Presbytery shall serve as the Treasurer of the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors constitutes the Executive Committee of the Mission Cabinet. (See Section 6.02 above.)

Members of the Mission Cabinet

In order to keep the membership of the committees and other groups of the Presbytery up-to-date we have provided a link to the Presbytery Directory. When you access the Directory with the password go to the link for committees and then locate whichever committee or group you want to see.