Missional Communities

Following an appreciative inquiry process begun in 2013 the Presbytery created three Missional Communities in order to creater closered ties among congregations more geograhically connected. This action built on the work of three Mission Cooordinators and three Commissions on Ministry sub-units which had already proved to be popular.

Functions of the Missional Communities

Each Missional Community has three core functions:

  1. Congregational Vitality
  2. Christian Formation
  3. Shared Mission

and also is responsible for:

  • Sessional Records Review of each congregation in its community.

Make-Up of theĀ Steering Teams

Each Missional Community determines how to select a steering team that guides its Community in carrying out these core functions and organizes its regular gatherings. The members of the steerting teams can be found by going to the Presbytery Directory. (You will need your passcode which can be created with your own data in the directory or you can get a general code from your pastor or clerk of session or by calling the Presbytery office at 910-862-8300 extension