Presbyterian Women

Presbyterian Women is made up of all women who are members (or friends) of PC(USA) congregations. PW is well known for stimulating Bible studies, world-wide fellowships, and mission outreach efforts both in this country and around the world.

National Presbyterian Women – PC(USA)

News of The Presbyterian Women of Presbytery

Presbyterian Women of PCC 2021-2022 Moderators Handbook

This PW 2021-2022 handbook includes:

  • Calendar & deadlines
  • All forms including the scholarship
  • Officer and Group leader addresses
  • Bylaws


  • JANUARY  Moderators: Order Materials packet for 2022 PW Birthday Offering
  • JANUARY 31,
    • Moderators: Mail Deceased Members Form to PWCC Facilitator of Spiritual Nurture
    • Moderators: Mail Moderator’s Annual Report to PWCC Moderator
    • Historians: Mail Historian’s Questionnaire and past year’s history to PWCC Historian
  • FEBRUARY ,  PWCT Meeting, Presbytery Office, Elizabethtown
  • FEBRUARY 15  DEADLINE (No Exceptions)
    for Lorena Clark Piner Scholarship APPLICATION HERE

    • Submit Scholarship applications by email only to
  • MARCH 15,
    • Treasurers:
      Mail Mission Pledges & 1st Quarterly donations for Children’s Hope, NC Prison Ministry & Piner Scholarship Fund to PWCC Treasurer
      (*NOTE-If you submit Mission Pledges quarterly, the dates for mailing are March 15, June 15,Sept.15, & Dec.15)
  • APRIL Spring Gathering /Business Meeting  — ALL PW MEMBERS
  • MAY  Moderators: Collect and dedicate PW Birthday Offering
  • MAY __,  PWCC Coordinating Team meeting, Presbytery Office, Elizabethtown
  • JUNE    Mid-Atlantic Synod Summer Gathering, Massanetta Springs, VA   ALL PW MEMBERS
  • JUNE 15,
    • Treasurers: Mail PW Birthday Offering and Least Coin Offering & 2nd Quarterly donations to PWCC Treasurer using the Remittance Form
  • JUNE 30,
    • Moderators: Send name and contact information for incoming Moderators of PW in the Congregation to your Regional Communicator   (*Note-if your region has no one serving as Regional Communicator, send the information to PWCC Communicating Secretary)
  • AUGUST  Moderators: Watch for & Order 2022 Thank Offering packet
  • AUGUST __,  PWCC Coordinating Team meeting, Presbytery Office, Elizabethtown
  • AUGUST 2022
    • ALL PW MEMBERS- Fall Gatherings TBA

In all the below listings, MODERATOR mailings are to be sent to:

Barbara Gomez,
288 Jeffers Rd., Carthage, NC 28327
910-  947-  2893. email:


K B Walton,  kwalton1946 @
P O BOX 68, Olivia NC  28368
(919)   770-   4601

Other officers and leaders are listed below.

Other recipients as noted. All “Forms” referenced are available for photocopying and use in the Handbook for Moderators.

  • Due Jan. 31, 2022 – Annual Reports to Moderator;
  • Due Jan. 31, 2022 – 2021 Historian’s Questionnaire (only);
  • Due Jan. 31, 2022 – Completed 2021 Deceased Members Form to Facilitator of Spiritual Nurture.
  • February15, LORENA CLARK PINER SCHOLARSHIP application deadline

Wishing you all Peace each Day,

Communicating Secretary for the PWCC Coordinating Team

For Upcoming Events and Announcements, please contact your Presbyterian Women Regional Communicator


PW Resources & Forms:
LINKS For Presbyterian Women
  1. General Information about Presbyterian Women:
  2. Information about Horizons Magazine and Bible studies:
  3. PW Honorary Lifetime Membership Information

2018-2019 Other PW Officers

Recording Secretary:

Communicating Secretary:
Helen McDonald        mcd2946@
2295 Joel Rd., Carthage, NC 28327    (910)690-2463


Moderator of Search:
Nichole Florence        nichole.r.florence@
(910)  824-1438

Facilitator of Spiritual Nurture:
Susan Owens     ssowens823@
(803)   577-1364

Facilitator for Justice, Peace, and Racial Equity: 
Carolyn Ferguson             cf415976@
(910)  371-6648   C: (910)  431-6362

Facilitator for Mission and Celebration Giving:
Peggy Garnett       pgarnett@
(910)   391-0011

PW Regional Communicators

South East Regional Communicator:
Cynthia Avery           averych@
(910)762-3443  C:(910)726-0774

North East Regional Communicator:
Vacant (Contact Cynthia Avery, South East Regional Communicator if you have questions)

South Central Regional Communicator:
Lugretta Staten          lmstaten665@        (910)646-1286

North Central Regional Communicator:
Vacant (Contact Helen McDonald, Communicating Secretary if you have questions)

South West Regional Communicator:
Carrie Posey                         carmpos@         (910)476-4191

North West Regional Communicator:
Vacant (Contact Helen McDonald, Communicating Secretary if you have questions)