Elder Ministries Training

Elder Ministries Enrichment

Elder Enrichment – CRE Saturdays

Commissioned Ruling Elder Continuing Education Training

Ministers, CREs, QREs, and others are welcome to attend the following Continuing Education courses.

  • February 9th, Doug Cushing, Small Groups Verses Sunday School
  •  March 16th, Elizabeth Forrester, Pastoral Care
  •  June 15th, Edna Ann Loftus, How to Interpret a Text
  •  September 14th, Ron Crossley, the Parables of Jesus, A Jewish     Perspective
  • Each program begins at 10AM

Pre-register by calling 910-862-8300 x 1 or email De Scott at  dls67@presbycc.org

To Become a Qualified Ruling Elder (Preacher) or Commissioned Ruling Elder (Pastor)…

The Presbytery Recognizes the QRE/CRE programs offered at

To become a QRE/CRE there additional requirements, please contact the committee or the presbytery office for additional information before beginning a program.

Yearly CRE Reporting

Those who have completed QRE/CRE training are required to meet the requirements of 20 Continuing Education Hours in order to retain their QRE/CRE status.

Membership on the Committee

The Elder Ministries Sub-Committee is a nine-member committee.

If you would like to serve on this committee, please contact Elder Bebe Briggs at bebe1@earthlink.net or call to the Presbytery Office.