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“Mental illness: Our story is the church’s story” was the lead article in the May 31, 2017 issue of the Presbyterian Outlook. In it is a powerful reminder,
Pastors are also on the front lines, often the first person to come into
contact with a parishioner with a mental health crisis. According to Health
Services Research, pastors are contacted more often than psychiatrists or general medical doctors by people with mental illness. This research concludes that pastors, whether we want to or not, play a crucial role in mental healthcare treatment. Yet how many pastors are actually trained to recognize mental illness  or provide appropriate therapy? ….

For Mental Health First Aid Training

to assist you in Mental Health First Aid,
please see if there is a training event near you, search at

Stephen Ministries Equips Members to Care for Members under the coversight of a Pastor learn more at – training and equipping members to care for members.  Churches currently using Stephen Ministries include Bethesda, Community, McDonald’s Chapel, Brownson Memorial and others.

Pastors, Educators, Leaders Suffering  or needing Mental Health Support:

  • For Pastors and Church Members seeking professional counseling services,  please use the resources listed below or contact your pastor, a Mission Coordinator or the General Presbyter for a referral in your area.
  • Presbytery does have some volunteer “Pastor-to-Pastors” in the Presbytery who can provide a confidential listening ear to pastors but are not professional therapists.
  • For ministers in the benefits plan of the Board of Pensions,
    please go to this website for a list of providers in the plan.

For an online screening (self assessment) and referral tool  for agencies across SE North Carolina, please explore these sites:

Please consider contacting these area professional agencies:*

For the WEST community*,

here is a list of providers and agencies
(Harnett, Lee, Moore, Hoke & Scotland Counties)


  • This page is NOT A COMPREHENSIVE listing.
  • These agencies have not been vetted by the Presbytery and this listing is not an endorsement of their services. Chose your provider carefully.