Ruling Elder Handbooks

Mr Frank Walmsley composed these  Handbooks for Ruling Elders for use in his own local congregation.  He is a retired Chemistry professor who lives in Arizona and who has served in various ways in the Presbyterian Church.

The Presbytery Staff hopes these handbooks might be of value to you in your leadership in the church.

Handbooks For All Ruling Elders:
  1. Handbook for Elders
  2. Handbook for Committee Moderators
  3. Handbook On Parliamentary Procedure
  4. Handbook for Nominating Committees
Handbook for Commissioned Ruling Elders
Handbooks Specifically for Clerks:
  1. Handbook  for Clerks of Session
  2. Handbook Appendix for Clerks of Session
  3. Minutes Of Meetings Session And Congregation
  4. Sessional Records Checklist  used by the Presbytery
  5. Please also see the Clerk of Session Training Video Series featuring Mr. Jay Bender of our Presbytery.
  6. The 2021 Clerk of Session Training Video (1 Video)

Each year the three Missional Communities of the Presbytery offer training for all new and returning elders. These one day training sessions are held through the presbytery. Your pastor and clerk of session and mission coordinators can provide you the specific dates and locations.

In the Presbytery Resource Center there are many additional resources on leadership as a ruling elder and as a whole session.

Also look at the “Theocademy: Preparation for Ordered Ministry” .
What is ordered ministry and why is it important to the Presbyterian Church? What does one need to know to be an effective leader in the Presbyterian church? These videos will explore and answer these and other questions about ordained leadership in the Presbyterian tradition.

A current Book of Order is always important for service as an Elder, these can be ordered from the Presbyterian Distribution Service