Documents Required for New Pastoral Relationships

Welcome to the Presbytery of Coastal Carolina! Whether you are moving within our bounds or coming to us from another Presbytery, we are glad that you are here. To make your reception and approval by the Commission on Ministry go smoothly, please submit the following documents to the Office of the Stated Clerk or the COM Liaison working with the congregation that is calling you at least two weeks before the next meeting of the Community COM.

  1. For Candidates for Ordination: The Committee on Preparation for Ministry (CPM) File. Ask your CPM Chair to send a copy of your entire CPM file to the Stated Clerk.
  2. Statement of Faith – a one page statement outlining your views on the members of the Trinity, salvation, the church, and the sacraments. Samples of this statement can be found on our website where we introduce new members to the Presbytery.
  3. Biographical Sketch – a one page bio that traces your faith journey and call to and/or service in ministry. Samples of this statement can be found where we introduce new members to the Presbytery.
  4. Answers to Ordination Questions (2 x ½ page) – Please select 2 of the 9 ordination questions and write a half-page response to each question (total = one page). Use the question-bullets as a guide to your answer. It is not necessary to answer each bullet point.
  5. Current PIF – we need a copy of the Church Leadership Connection’s (CLC) Personal Information Form (PIF) attested by your Stated Clerk from the CLC system or a printed copy with the Sexual Misconduct Statement signed by you.
  6. Terms of Call – please have the PNC or Search Committee fill out the proper form.
  7. SafeGatherings Report – we require that you take and pass the safe-church course provided by SafeGatherings. Instructions for registering for and taking the course can be found by clicking the link above.
  8. Acknowledgement of Ethics and Misconduct Policies – download the policies from our website and submit the signature pages acknowledging receipt of the policies.
  9. Photo (jpeg please) for website – electronically, of course!
  10. Ordination and/or Installation Commission Members (for installed relationships) – this may come later in the process, but begin working with the PNC on putting together a commission. Click here for instructions of how to select members of the Commission.
  11. Please submit the documents asked for in 2, 3, 4, and 9 electronically to the COM Liaison or to the Presbytery office: