Make a Church Facebook Page

Facebook can also be used to connect people to the ongoing ministries within your church walls.  Facebook can also be a ministry in-and-of-itself.  Like blogs, newsletters and online sermons, it can minister DIRECTLY to people online who may never attend your church or be physically unable to attend your church.

Difficulty: Easy to Medium (more time-consuming than difficult)

Time Required: 10 minutes to 1 hr each week or more (You need to enjoy using Facebook regularly).

Cost: Free

Right for my church? Depends.  Yes, if you have someone trustworthy to run the page on behalf of the church who will keep the page updated and interact with Facebook users.  Not worth it, if you do not have someone you can trust to do it who and/or does not really use Facebook.

Facebook is a lively ministry in and of itself.
Facebook is a lively ministry in and of itself.

Learn more about making your facebook page from this article from Church Mag (click here)

What to Post once you’ve got it going:
  • Look at what other churches are posting for ideas
  • post happy pictures of church events and tag ADULTS
  • Announce upcoming events (invite with all the details)
    • Homecoming-Ingathering
    • Youth event & trips
    • New SS Classes or Small groups
    • Graduation Sunday
    • VBS
    • Scout Sunday
    • Christmas Eve Services
    • Cantada
    • Communion Service
    • Guest Speakers
  • Link to your missionary on FB or PCUSA
  • Photos
  • Link to Presbytery
  • Photos
  • Link to local agencies you support
  • Photos
  • Did I say photos?
  • Post an encouraging word from the sermon (a quote)
  • Post a prayer for concerns in the news
  • Post links to PCUSA articles of interest
FACEBOOK Church Policy suggestions:
  1. More than one member should be “admins” of the Facebook page. (So when one person is unavailable the other can post to the page.)
  2. Prayer lists and Medical conditions should NOT be posted on Facebook unless express permission is given from the individual or family.
  3. In pictures, children should not be tagged by the Admins, children can tag themselves, if they are on facebook.
  4. Political candidates should not be promoted on Church Facebook pages.
  5. Admins should know how to delete comments that are inappropriate and be willing to do so.
  6. The pastor’s vacation should not be announced on Facebook (as this invites thieves to his/her house).

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