Seeking Business Manager

Now Accepting applications for PRESBYTERY BUSINESS MANAGER

The Presbytery of Coastal Carolina, NC, is seeking a Business Manager with 5-10 years of financial work experience in a small to medium sized business or institution to oversee the Presbytery financial business affairs, ensuring faithful stewardship and sound practice in the management of Presbytery property.

To apply please send a cover letter and resume to .  Applications received by
April 21, 2020 will be considered first.

Applications accepted until the position is filled. This position is also posted on and the NC Association of CPA’s websites.

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Presbytery Business Manager
Job Description Detail:


Presbytery Business Manager:
full-time, salaried, exempt.


Position oversees the Presbytery financial business affairs, ensuring faithful stewardship and sound practice in the management of Presbytery property


The position is accountable to the Presbytery and the Mission Cabinet through the General Presbyter/Stated Clerk and the Mission Cabinet’s Personnel Committee.  Business Manager serves on the Finance and Property Committee, is an ex-officio member of the Strategic Planning and Organizational Review Committee and may serve as Treasurer of the Corporation.


BS degree in Business/Accounting with 5-10 years of work experience in a small to medium sized business or institution using a professional level of financial accounting, budgeting, taxation, and has a general knowledge of property management.


  • Knowledge and experience in accounting and financial reporting, financial statement analysis, cash management, cost analysis, payroll / benefit administration, fixed asset accounting and purchasing.  Knowledge of fund accounting is a plus.
  • Excellent people and communication skills.
  • Ability to establish priorities, organize and process heavy volumes of work, problem-solve and has a good work ethic.
  •  Knowledge and experience with spreadsheets and word processing.
  • General knowledge of income tax compliance, legal processes and contract administration.


Financial Administration

1.      Manage all accounting, general ledger and financial reporting functions including AR / Cash Receipts, AP / Cash Disbursements and HR/ Payroll processing.

2.      Oversee all Presbytery banking functions in coordination with the General Presbyter.

3.      Coordinate origination and administration of Presbytery loans to Churches including loan set up, preparation of amortization schedules, and collections.

4.      Reconcile on a monthly basis all balance sheet accounts.

5.      Manage all validated Ministries Funds, including Hispanic Ministries and the associated immigration issues.

6.      Manage all Designated Funds and ensure proper compliance with any related guidelines and assist with establishing new funds.  Manage Special Offerings and Designated Contributions and remit funds in a timely manner to outside agencies, including Synod and General Assembly (GA).

7.      Calculate and coordinate benevolence pledge forms for Mission Support and Per Capita and send to churches in September for the following year.

8.      Coordinate and report Presbytery investments and activities—design and maintain templates for reporting all investment data to Presbytery.

9.      Manage GA and Synod Per Capita and Mission Support and remit funds in timely manner.

10.  Provide leadership to the Presbytery in the use of its assets in supporting and enhancing Presbytery’s mission by furnishing information and guidance to the General Presbyter, other staff, Mission Cabinet and committees of Presbytery.

11.  Design, calculate, and generate special monthly budget reports /revenue and expense statements and send to appropriate recipients.

12.  Provide all required information for annual audit with responsibility for all account functions and compliances including reconciliation of all designated accounts.

13.  Send contribution letters to donors in compliance with IRS regulations.

14.  Send end-of-year financial reports to each church with their contributions for the year.

Property management

1.      Oversee Presbytery office facility management, in coordination with General Presbyter, including locating contractors, obtaining bids, monitoring work of contractors, and any additional duties which may be needed.

2.      Maintain current equipment/furniture/property lists, including inventories for Elizabethtown office, Hispanic Ministries and two camps.

3.      Manage Presbytery insurance, in coordination with the Property and Finance Committee and the General Presbyter.

4.      Maintain property records including a list of vacant churches, cemeteries and lots.Church for Sale

5.      Ensure camp organizations are updated as to the condition of camp properties and organization responsibilities.

6.      As to property transactions, coordinate surveys, the recording of deeds, closings and ensure all proceeds due to the Presbytery are collected and deposit into appropriate bank accounts.

7.      As required, accompany Finance and Property Committee members on site visits to properties.

8.      Encourage churches to locate and maintain all appropriate legal documents.

9.      Assist with the maintenance legal files and financial documentation for each church.

Personnel and Payroll management

1.      Ensure the timely accurate processing of payroll and the timely payments of monthly payroll taxes.

2.      Calculate annual and effective salaries for all employees and report or confirm to BOP.

3.      Maintain Presbytery personnel records.

4.      Process and timely issue all required Federal and state forms including W-2’s, and 1099’s.

5.      Correspond with attorneys and research/maintain records for all employees with immigration issues.

6.      Properly withhold funds for employee Retirement Savings Plans and remit to Fidelity monthly.

7.      Complete and submit Worker’s Compensation audit annually when it is received.

Ensure compliance with rules and regulations of the IRS and other official government agencies.

Board of Pensions Personnel Benefits, and Retirement Plans,

1.      Calculate and confirm salary information to the Board of Pensions (BOP).

2.      Administer employee Retirement Savings Plans per IRS regulations

3.      Ensure timely payment of BOP dues, retirement savings and all insurance plans.

4.      Oversee enrollment of new employees and any changes for current employees.

5.      Assist churches and ministers with BOP information and reporting requirements.

6.      Obtain and maintain records of current policies and procedural information from BOP.

Finance and Property Committee and Mission Cabinet

1.      Establish agendas, record minutes, write correspondence, and provide any other additional information requested by Finance and Property Committee for their meetings.

2.      Attend and provide full reporting of financial activities and status to the Executive Presbyter and to each meeting of F/P, Mission Cabinet, and Presbytery, as well as attend other meetings concerning the financial wellbeing of the Presbytery.

3.      Provide budgeting tools by designing templates and providing historical and current input for the Finance and Property committee throughout the process until completion.

4.      Design and submit budgets to Mission Cabinet and Presbytery.

5.      Draft and compile motions from Budget and Finance Committee when requested.

6.      Maintain current book of minutes and other legal information for the Property and Finance committee.

7.      Assist moderators in formulating line item budgets if requested.

8.      Monitor all Committee expenditures and correspond with committee chairs as needed.

9.      Create and submit a line item budget to Presbytery as required.

10.  Administer Cafeteria Plan of Presbytery and file associated BOP paperwork.

11.  Provide input and ensure financial compliance with manuals of Presbytery.

Additional Duties

1.      Compile and maintain Presbytery 501(c)(3) history.

2.      Design and maintain templates to assist churches with their terms of call if requested.

3.      Prepare motions and background information for various committees pertaining to financial  activities upon request.

4.      Maintain current knowledge regarding applicable IRS rules

5.      Train church treasurers on church finances–occasionally teach classes if requested.

6.      Maintain information detailing the stewardship of all churches within the Presbytery and provide occasional flyers with information which may be interesting to the Presbytery members.

7.      Attend Cabinet and Presbytery Meetings to give financial report and any motions required.

8.      Handle communications for the Finance Office in consultation with the General Presbyter.

9.      Coordinate lunches, including the collection and deposit of lunch money, for Presbytery  meetings.

10.  Receive offerings from elders at Presbytery meetings and submit to office for deposit.

11.  Receive Cents-ability funds at Presbytery meetings and submit to office for deposit.