Book of Order

Waiving the Requirement to Rotate Officers

Dear Congregations, Clerks of Session and Moderators,

On May 14, 2020 the Full Commission on Ministry for the Presbytery of Coastal Carolina approved waiving the requirement to rotate officers.

“The Full Commission on Ministry of the Presbytery of Coastal Carolina approves a one year exemption of the requirement for congregational rotation of officers in 2020. Congregations that are able to fulfill the requirement according to our polity and by the rule of the particular congregation’s procedures should endeavor to do so.”

The Full Commission on Ministry considered that some congregations may have difficulty following established procedures for electing officers due to the pandemic.

  • Some congregations may not be able to assemble “a majority of all active members” for a congregational meeting to elect a Nominating Committee.
  • Some congregations may not be able to assemble “a majority of all active members” required for a congregational meeting to vote upon a slate from the Nominating Committee.
  • Some congregations may not be able to meet in regular or even alternative methods to receive names from the floor during elections as mandated for a nominating process (G-2.0401).

There may be additional impediments that prohibit proceeding with a safe and routine election process. For congregations unable to properly elect officers, the waiver of Full COM on behalf of the presbytery would allow for continuity of congregational leadership.

Sessions wishing to participate in the waiver shall:

  1. Note in the minutes of session the action by Presbytery allowing exemption,
  2. Notify all active members of the intent and rationale to not rotate officers,
  3. Inform the congregation liaison to COM, Community COM chair, or the presbytery stated clerk in writing (mail or email) that it wishes to waive rotation of officers in 2020,
  4. Inquire from officers due to rotate off their respective boards, a willingness to continue serving.

This decision was made knowing that some congregations may not have any trouble following procedures for electing officers. The action of Full COM does not conflict with congregations that are able to duly elect officers in 2020 to the class of 2023.

It is our hope that we will soon be able to safely return to our standard practices like discerning together those God calls “for such a time as this” to lead our congregations. It is my hope that congregations exercising the option to waive rotation of officers in 2020 will be able to resume proper election and rotation of officers as soon as practical. It is our sincere hope that the action by Full COM will allow congregations to concentrate their energies on the work of caring for neighbor and proclaiming the Good News of the Gospel during a challenging pandemic.

Please contact your COM liaison or your mission coordinator if you have questions about this waiver.


Jay Bender,
Chair of Full Commission on Ministry

Rev. Jerrod B. Lowry,
jerrodlowry @
General Presbyter & Stated Clerk

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