Policies ~ Scholarships

Model Policies for Congregations

      1. Sample Church Sexual Misconduct Policy
      2. Help creating a Child Protection Policy (Safe Church Policy)
      3. Sample Church Manual Helps – including a model policy to edit
      4.  In the absence of a Church Manual of Operations
        (This document gives the minimum standards expected)

Clerk of Session Helps

Preparation for Ministry Forms
(for Inquirers & Candidates at PCUSA Website)

CPM Manual of our Presbytery (2023)


    1. Hunger Grants Information & Forms (two cents a meal)
    2. Synod Small Church Grants


      1. Peacemaking – Essay contest
      2. Presbyterian Women’s Annual Scholarship
      3. Synod Scholarships & Small Church Grants

Other Forms & Publications

    1. Nomination and Volunteer Form – Nominate someone for a Presbytery committee or Volunteer to serve
    2. Committee Report Form to Cabinet

Policy Booklets of Presbytery

    1. Manual of Administrative Operations 2016
    2. Presbytery Sexual Misconduct Prevention and Response Policy (responding, preparing, procedures, reporting), Sexual Misconduct Policy Signature Page for Ministers/CREs
    3. Presbytery’s Youth Protection Policy (adopted May 2017)
    4. Code of Ethics complete with Signature Page
      Or Just the Code of Ethics Signature page
    5. GA Commissioners – Nomination Process
    6. Separation Policy Adopted Oct 10 2015 – Discernment road map for Congregations seeking to leave the PCUSA to another Reformed body.
    7. Comparison Chart of PCUSA – EPC – ECO

Presbytery Logo Graphic

Presbytery Logo – For Authorized Uses Only :

Presbytery of Coastal Carolina Logo
Presbytery Logo


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