Elder Ministries Training

Elder Ministries Enrichment

Elder Enrichment – CRE Saturdays

Commissioned Ruling Elder Continuing Education Training

Ministers, CREs, QREs, and others are welcome to attend the following Continuing Education courses held at the Presbytery office at 807 W. King St., Elizabethtown from 10AM to 3PM.

Quarterly on Saturdays being offered by Zoom

Pre-register by calling 910-862-8300 x 1 or email De Scott at  dls67@presbycc.org
(Attendees will be notified by the office if a class needs to be rescheduled.)

To Become a Qualified Ruling Elder (Preacher) or Commissioned Ruling Elder (Pastor)…

The Presbytery Recognizes the QRE/CRE programs offered at

To become a QRE/CRE there additional requirements, please contact the committee or the presbytery office for additional information before beginning a program.

Yearly CRE Reporting

Those who have completed QRE/CRE training are required to meet the requirements of 20 Continuing Education Hours in order to retain their QRE/CRE status.

Membership on the Committee

The Elder Ministries Sub-Committee is a nine-member committee.

If you would like to serve on this committee, please contact  the Presbytery Office.