Officer Training Resources

On Saturday, November 4, 2017, the East Community’s Fall/Winter Gathering featured an officer’s training led by Rev. Tim Havlicek of First Presbyterian Church, Morehead City.  Here, thanks to Tim, are the PowerPoint presentations and handouts of that officer training.

  1. Book of Confessions – Part One of the Constitution of the Presbyterian Church (USA)
  2. Book of Order – Part Two of the Constitution of the Presbyterian Church (USA)
  3. Future Reformation Packet – materials related to the future of our church(es)
  4. Church Officer Training – materials for use by pastors sessions in training officers (elders and deacons)
  5. Church Member Training – materials for use by pastors and sessions in welcoming new members and preparing them for full membership in the congregation
Additional Officer Training Materials

Annually Officer Training events are held in various locations around the Presbytery. Please contact a Mission Coordinator for dates and locations.

Annual Statistical report General Information:

Statistical Reporting – Clerks

Instructions for completing the online Statistical Reports are sent to Clerks of Session in mid-November.  These online reports are due in mid-February each year.

In addition, links to other reports required by the Presbytery are listed below. Email them to De Scott,, or mail to the Presbytery office.

These forms were due January 25, 2021.