Welcoming New Pastors

The Commission on Ministry has welcomed the following pastors to our Presbytery in recent months. We are delighted to have them join us in ministry. Their faith statements, answers to two of the nine constitutional questions, and biographical sketches can be found by clicking the links under their names.

Please warmly welcome these pastors as colleagues in our Presbytery.


Elizabeth DeSouza-Naguib



Andy Konigsmark

William Dayton Wilson


George Chapman, III


Barbara Hager



Elizabeth Doolin


Neill Mckay


Steve Fitzgerald


Connie Weaver

Stephen Gutridge


Meghan Vail

  • From Utah Presbytery
  • To Community PC as Associate Pastor
  • Documents

Diane B. Giannola

  • From Charlotte Presbytery
  • To First Pres. Wilmington as Parish Associate
  • Documents


John B. Earl

  • From Charlotte Presbytery
  • To Little Chapel on the Boardwalk as Interim
  • Documents


Jean Sparks

  • From Great Rivers Presbytery
  • To White Hill PC, Sanford
  • Documents



  Patricia Ramsden

  • From East Tennessee Presbytery
  • Honorably Retired
  • Documents



Jenny Lee